Alaska - the Last Frontier

Alaska is raw and wild in gigantic proportions. From America’s tallest mountain peak to the world’s largest bears, here nature rules.

Considered the last frontier, the 49th State of the U.S.A. spreads over 1.7 million square kilometres with more than 3,000 rivers and 3 million lakes. Though largely an untamed land mass, there’s great diversity of life from cities to coastal communities and vast inland expanses. With a population of just 710,000, Alaska welcomes more than two million people a year and it’s easy to see why it sits at the top of the bucket list for almost every kind of traveller.

Mention Alaska and cruising usually comes to mind. The Inside Passage and Glacier Bay offer beauty beyond breathtaking. One of the few waterways where deep draft vessels can sail, cruising allows easy access to spectacular National Parks and remote coastal communities for travellers of any age, or stage. From the comfort of your ship, panoramic vistas surround you as you witness hundreds of species of wildlife in their natural habitat. You’ll see whales glide through deep waters as bald eagles soar over sculpted mountains of ice, right in front of your eyes. Or step ashore and meet local indigenous tribes in towns only accessed by water, to hear stories of their rich ancestral heritage.

For the more intrepid traveller, venture off the tourist grid and you could find yourself heli-skiing the backcountry, rafting down a wild river valley, or paddling a kayak between icebergs bigger than skyscrapers. Watch bears preying on salmon, spy a moose, or mush a dog sled across the wilderness.

Whatever your sense of adventure, it’s time to pack your thermals and go North to Alaska.

Noteworthy: Dog mushing is the official state sport.

Luxury Bound loves; A journey ‘inside’ the Inside Passage, made possible by small ship expeditions where the big ships can’t go.