Abundant wildlife, natural beauty, charismatic people

In the wake of devastation, Rwanda has seen a new birth. Communities have come together to rebuild a country which for centuries thrummed with life and colour. Today, the clean, newly paved streets of Kigali once again sing, the vibrancy of its music, its costumes, its markets creating a city alive and joyous. Modern and forward-thinking, Rwanda’s capital is fast becoming an economic powerhouse, its technological boom existing peaceably alongside its traditional values.

Outside of the city, a landscape ravaged by war and genocide is no longer. In its place are lovingly tended villages ringed by lush fields, rolling hills draped by tea plantations, and towering volcanoes surrounded by dense forests. Visitors find themselves stirred, the abundant wildlife, the natural beauty, the charismatic people and the tumultuous history coming together to create one of Africa’s most enigmatic countries.

In Search of the Mountain Gorillas

In Rwanda’s mist-shrouded Volcano National Park, the country’s most famous residents live a shy and protected existence. Home to one third of the world’s mountain gorillas, the Volcanoes National Park is Africa’s largest protected mountain forest and offers one of the most astounding and intimate wildlife experiences on the planet. To stand within metres of these powerful animals and gaze into the soulful eyes of a mother nursing her young or watch a vast silverback slowly eating is both moving and humbling. Read more, click here.

Other primates exist here too, in numbers not seen elsewhere in Africa. grey-cheeked mangabeys, golden monkeys, baboons and Ruwenzori colobus monkeys that can be found in groups up to 400 strong, the largest troop size of any primate on the continent.

Experience the Real Rwanda

Rwanda is a land of abundance and great beauty, with dramatic mountain ranges, volcanoes and dense tropical forests tumbling into rolling hills, luxuriant valleys, lakes and savannas. Luxury Bound knows this amazing country intimately, and can transport you on a luxury expedition to see the real Rwanda. Along the way you can take your pick of astounding adventures. Take a private scenic helicopter flight over the mesmerizing beauty of Lake Kivu, Rwanda’s largest lake. Or witness the rare beauty of the marbled zebras of the spectacular Akagera National Park.

Rise at dawn with the lolling hippos and watch the sun rise over Lake Rwanyakazinga as you sip on a cup of Rwanda’s world famous aromatic coffee. At the other end of the day, when you’re weary from a day of wildlife encounters, relax with a legendary sundowner in your luxury accommodation. From shopping for traditional Agaseke crafts such as colourful kitenge fabric and Imigongo paintings, to hiring a helicopter to soar you from one breathtaking landscape to another, a whole world of immersion and luxury await in Rwanda.

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