Client interview with Sharon


Spain’s Mediterranean coastline covers more than 1600 kilometres and is home to dozens of ancient port cities and seaside resort towns. On Luxury Bound’s recommendation, Sharon was able to explore the coastline in style on the peaceful and relaxing luxury yacht SeaDream.

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While planning her fast-paced, month-long trip through Italy, Morocco, Spain, and Portugal, Sharon would never have considered taking a cruise to visit the historical towns along Spain’s Mediterranean coastline. Her only cruise experience had been on an underwhelming 3000-passenger ship. But when Caroline told her about the SeaDream yacht, with its 2:1 staff ratio and a maximum of 112 passengers, Sharon was willing to give it a go.

The cruise was the perfect, relaxing end to an action-packed holiday. Sharon boarded the SeaDream yacht to warm welcomes and exceptional, personalised service.

“The cruise staff referred to me by name from the moment I stepped on board. The wonderful staff were sociable, friendly, and catered to your every need, often before you even thought to ask,” says Sharon.

The SeaDream yachts are intimate, boutique ships small enough to dock in town alongside other superyachts. Guests can go ashore to explore the townships, go shopping, take one of the ship’s onboard bikes for a ride, participate in the many water sports on offer, or go further afield on a shore excursion, before returning to the ship to be greeted by the crew with a welcoming smile and their favourite drink in hand.

The seven-night Spanish cruise embarked from Malaga and took its passengers north to Barcelona, stopping in popular destinations like Gibraltar and Ibiza. Sharon welcomed the chance to relax, reboot, and take in the sights of various seaside towns without the hassle of packing and unpacking at every destination.

On Caroline’s recommendation, and with all the arrangements made for her, Sharon experienced an unforgettable private tour of the ancient Moorish city of Granada up in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Sharon was collected from the ship by a private driver and taken directly to the Alhambra Palace, where she met a personal guide. Together, they explored the most famous buildings in Andalusia’s Islamic history. The fourteenth-century Alhambra palace features a maze of rooms with detailed mosaics, stone-cast latticework, and sophisticated cupolas, a true architectural jewel. Afterwards, the guide took Sharon through the peaceful water gardens of the Generalife, where kings once resided.

The Alhambra demands visitors to explore at their own pace and admire the ornate carvings and stunning artistry in detail. This was only possible with a private guide, but the tour didn’t stop there. The guide led Sharon through the labyrinthine streets of old Granada to a hole-in-the-wall restaurant frequented only by locals. It was something she would have never found on her own and she walked away feeling as though she’d connected to the local heart of Granada.

But it was always a pleasure to return to the ship at the end of a long day.

“Every evening seemed like a treat. The destinations were wonderful, but the ship and its incredible crew, offering such personalised service, were the highlight. I’m so grateful to Caroline for recommending the SeaDream yacht. It was the perfect opportunity to pause and relax while still seeing the sights. Caroline knew exactly what I needed before I even knew it,” Sharon says.